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A vision for sustainable fishing

In the heart of the pristine Great Bear Rainforest on Canada’s rugged West Coast, Coastal Shellfish is growing and producing high quality, high demand shellfish in a sustainable and environmentally respectful way.

As a First Nations owned company, Coastal Shellfish combines modern technology and aquaculture best practices with the traditional knowledge of the Coast Tsimshian people who have lived and harvested in this area for millennia. Coastal Shellfish not only seeds, grows and harvests all of the shellfish in the waters around Prince Rupert, but processes everything locally as well to ensure only the best product leaves our facilities. Great Bear Scallops’ Oceanwise sustainability certification is a reflection of our commitment to protecting the environment we operate in while bringing fresh, safe seafood to customers around the world.

At Coastal Shellfish, we are building to the future by looking to the past. We hope you enjoy your visit to our site and we look forward to sharing our Great Bear Scallops with you in the future.

Funding Provided by: Growing Forward 2, Investment Agriculture Foundation, Province of British Columbia, Government of Canada
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Canada's West Coast, the home of Coastal Shellfish – Pure Sustainable Seafood.