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May 27, 2020


Chef Dai Fukasaku of Prince Rupert was the very first buyer of Great Bear Scallops in February 2019. He shares his tips for buying and storing live Great Bear Scallops at home.

Look for scallops:

1) stored on ice or in a water tank

2) smell clean and fresh

3) shells close when tapped

He also recommends:

1) buying your scallops at a respected retailer who supports sustainable seafood

2) bringing your scallops home in ice or in a cooler

3) storing the live scallops in the fridge covered in a damp cloth

Chef Dai also suggests eating the scallops as soon as possible, too to enjoy their delicious freshness!


Thanks, Chef Dai!


Be sure to visit Chef Dai at his restaurant, Fukasaku when visiting Prince Rupert!




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