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January 19, 2016

Coastal Shellfish was one of 37 finalists from around the world that earned the opportunity to pitch investors at the biennial Fish 2.0 business competition that connects sustainable fishing and aquaculture companies with potential investors. There were 170 companies participating in the 2015 competition, more than double the number in 2013. About 250 investors, business leaders and seafood experts attended the Finals event at Stanford University.

The Fish 2.0 initiative aims to grow the number of businesses and investors in the sustainable seafood sector, bringing entrepreneurs and investors together to help solve the global challenges facing seafood today. Fish 2.0 also aligns with the missions of key foundations active in the seafood space, all of which are sponsors: The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, The Walton Family Foundation and The David and Lucille Packard Foundation.

The fisheries and aquaculture industries have more in common than the production of seafood. They each need innovation, leadership and investment to advance the sustainability of their wide-ranging operations. Aquaculture’s growth is remarkable, as it now represents nearly half of all the edible seafood products produced globally. But while some operations like salmon farming are quite advanced after decades of development, others could benefit from an infusion of cash. Fish 2.0 helps bridge the gap between investors and sustainable seafood companies looking to expand.

The group that made it to the Fish 2.0 Finals reflected the global reach of seafood competition:
• 17 businesses based in the U.S.
• 6 in Canada
• 5 in the South Pacific
• 4 in Latin America
• 3 in Southeast Asia
• 2 in Europe

Said Fish 2.0 founder Monica Jain, “the demand for Fish 2.0 is enormous. As our network grows, so does the number of investors and businesses that want to collaborate to advance sustainable seafood. More and more people are recognizing the need for innovation in the sustainable seafood field, and the tremendous opportunities for markets and impacts in this industry.”

The 2015 competitors included companies across three categories: pre-revenue companies, companies with less than 3 years of revenue, and growth-stage companies with 3+ years of revenue. It wasn’t easy reaching the Fish 2.0 event —finalists competed with a group of exceptionally promising entrepreneurs through a rigorous four-phase process that challenged them to sharpen their value propositions, tackle weaknesses and measure their social and environmental impacts. At least five judges scored each competitor that reached the finals.

Coastal Shellfish’s pitch to investors can be viewed in the video below.
Note: Video opens in a new window.


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