Is Coastal Shellfish First Nations–owned?
- Yes, the Coastal First Nations created Coastal Shellfish to help achieve their goals of economic self-sufficiency and sustainable jobs. Our majority owner is the Metlakatla Nation whose traditional territory is where Coastal Shellfish’s operations are located.

Do farmed scallops have to be fed?
- Only in the hatchery where we produce our own microalgae to feed the scallops during the first 2 months of their life cycle; for the remaining 20 months while the scallops are in their natural ocean environment they are feeding on the natural algae and plankton in the ocean currents.

Can I buy Great Bear Scallops online?
- Not yet. Please contact your local retailer or seafood store and ask them if they can supply some Great Bear Scallops. We ship our scallops to the major seafood distributors in Canada and the U.S.

Can Great Bear Scallops be eaten raw?
- Absolutely! Our scallops are pure and safe and can be enjoyed raw or lightly cooked.

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Canada's West Coast, the home of Coastal Shellfish – Pure Sustainable Seafood.