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Great Bear Scallops are the purest scallops available anywhere. They are chemical-free, dry scallops – guaranteed. Coastal Shellfish is custom packing only live scallops currently. At all times, the scallops are temperature-controlled and handled with care, guaranteeing their safety and quality.

Starting in 2019 Great Bear Scallops will be processed in a HACCP-approved shellfish processing plant.  This facility and its Quality Management Program will be registered by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for shipping shellfish to both the Canadian and U.S. market.

The processing facility will be capable of custom packing live scallops, shucking fresh scallop meats, and freezing scallop meats, with roe on or off. Within hours of being harvested from the north coast farms, the live scallops will be Individually Quick Frozen (IQF) at -40°F/-40°C locking in their sweet, fresh taste. Temperature control will include a cooler for fresh product and a storage freezer maintained continuously at -4°F/-20°C. Custom packaging is provided for both food service and retail distribution.

At the HACCP-approved plant, all scallops are given a final quality inspection and packaged for shipping, where they receive a unique lot number that references the plant’s registration number, processing date and specific harvesting location. Scallops are  delivered by refrigerated truck into Vancouver, where Coastal Shellfish uses freight forwarders with modern cold storage facilities. Vancouver is an excellent distribution centre for trucking in North America, shipping to Asia, and airfreighting around the world. With Coastal Shellfish’s traceability system, all products can be tracked from the farm to the plate.

Coastal Shellfish’s dedication to quality control and food safety ensures that our Great Bear Scallops arrive at your place of business faster and fresher – in peak condition.

Great Bear Scallops

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