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We couldn’t be happier when our friends and local foodie experts share their favourite scallop recipes!

Check out Cassandra Anderton and Karen Dar Woon’s recipes featuring Great Bear Scallops at

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Coastal Shellfish


Exciting news! Coastal Shellfish has been selected as a Sustainability Award Finalist for this year’s BC Food and Beverage Awards!  We’re proud to be in the running with Conagra Brands Canada and Susgrainable. Good luck to all and thanks to VanCity for sponsoring this category.

Join us in watching the live virtual Awards Show on September 24th at 7 PM (PST). RSVP at



Coastal Shellfish



We were honoured to have Jennifer Rice,  BC NDP MLA for the North Coast visit us recently in Prince Rupert, and delighted for the opportunity to tour her through our Great Bear Scallops farming and processing operations.

We would like to thank her for her interest and strong support for the continued development of Coastal Shellfish and our community. And we thank her for introducing Coastal Shellfish to the BC Legislature this week. In her address, she highlighted Coastal Shellfish as …”an example of the kind of sustainable economy that we can and should be striving to build in BC.” She stressed, “If we want to protect our forests, rivers and oceans and have a thriving economy, we need sustainable industries that respect environmental stewardship, Indigenous rights and local communities.” She concluded her address with, “I hope this initiative acts as an example of the type of sustainable industries that can make BC a beacon of sustainability around the world and help our economy recover during the pandemic.”

Together we can continue to build our local economy and our community, while respecting and protecting our environment. We look forward to having you visit again soon.

Coastal Shellfish


Popular Vancouver Chef, Angus An appeared live on CTV’s Your Morning Show with Ben Mulroney on Thursday, August 6th featuring his Scallop Ceviche recipe from his new cookbook Maenam that just launched August 4th! We were so excited to deliver our fresh live Great Bear Scallops to Chef Angus to prepare his recipe on the show!

And, we’re so pleased to share his Scallop Ceviche recipe!


•             4-8 large live Great Bear Scallops

•             2-4 tablespoons Seafood Nahm Jim

•             2 tablespoons finely sliced lemongrass, to garnish

•             2 tablespoons finely sliced fresh long-leaf coriander, to garnish

•             1 tablespoon finely julienned Makrut lime leaves, to garnish

•             Few sprigs of fresh coriander, to garnish

•             2-4 tablespoons cured salmon roe or sustainable caviar, to garnish (optional)

•             Edible flowers, to garnish (optional)

•             2 tablespoons Fried Shallots, to garnish



1.            Clean the scallop shells with a brush to remove all sand and dirt. The shells will be used as presentation and serving pieces.

2.            Using a flexible palette knife, pry open the two shells slightly, wide enough to stick in your thumb. The tension from the shells might feel uncomfortable, but it will be brief. Insert the palette knife and scrape the inside of the top flat shell until you separate the flesh from the shell. Open the flat top completely and flex the palette knife while scraping the bottom bowl-shaped shell. Once the flesh is completely dislodged from the shell, set it aside in a bowl on ice. Scrape the inside of the shells clean and wash them thoroughly; reserve for serving.

3.            To trim the scallop meat, remove the outer mantle and the liver (black piece), keeping the flesh (muscle) and the roe (orange piece). For this recipe, only the muscle is needed; however, the roe is a tasty piece to incorporate into the ceviche should you feel adventurous.

4.            Slice each scallop into four wedges. Place the scallop wedges back onto the shells and dress each with about 1/2 tablespoon nahm jim.

5.            Garnish with lemongrass, long-leaf coriander, Makrut lime leaves, and coriander sprigs. I also like to serve it with cured salmon roe and an edible flower. Sprinkle the fried shallots on last for texture. Serve immediately.

Coastal Shellfish


Ned Bell, Executive Chef/General Manager of the Okanagan’s new Naramata Inn, Founder of Chefs for Oceans, and Ocean Wise Ambassador is a passionate supporter of sustainable seafood who encourages us all to understand the importance of a healthy ocean. On World Oceans Day he shares his recipe for Roasted Great Bear Scallops with Grapefruit, Brown Butter & Thyme to celebrate our oceans and all its bounty. Our friends at Okanagan Crush pad join us in a toast with their perfectly paired Haywire Secrest Mountain Vineyard Chardonnay 2018!

  • 6 Tbsp (3/4 stick)unsalted butter
  • 1 tsp chopped fresh thyme or rosemary
  • 1 grapefruit or pomelo
  • 12 Great Bear Scallops
  • sea salt and coarsely ground black pepper
  • 1 bunch watercress, stems removed
  • flaked sea salt, to sprinkle

Melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat. Add the thyme (or rosemary). Allow the butter to gently simmer forabout 5 minutes or until the milk solids turn golden brown and fall to the bottom of the pan.

Meanwhile, use a sharp knife to cut the peel and white pith off the grapefruit (or pomelo). Working over a bowl, cut between the membranes to remove the segments and let them fall into the bowl. Squeeze the membranes over the bowl to extract all the juice before discarding.

If the abductor muscle (a little flap) is still on the side of the scallops, remove it. (It toughens when cooked.)

Heat a heavy-bottomed skillet over medium-high heat for 1 to 2 minutes. Add 2 tablespoons of the brown butter (aim to use the clarified liquid, not the brown bits). Pat the scallops dry and add to the pan, making sure not to crowd them (cook them in batches if necessary). Allow to sear undisturbed for about 2 minutes or until browned. Season with salt and pepper, flip the scallops over, and add the remaining brown butter, this time making sure to add all the brown bits. Add 2 tablespoons of the grapefruit (or pomelo) juice. Allow the scallops to sear for another 2 minutes on the other side or until browned, basting them with the liquid in the pan.

Divide the watercress among 4 plates. Set the scallops on top and garnish with grapefruit segments. Drizzle with the pan sauce and sprinkle with flaked sea salt.

Serves 4


Adapted from the recipe created by Ned Bell as featured in Lure

Recipe copyright ©2017 by Ned Bell. All rights reserved. Featured with permission.

Photo by Kevin Clark



Coastal Shellfish

20190922-_DSC5981 (1)


We’re excited to announce that Coastal Shellfish has again started harvesting Great Bear Scallops today.

Farm Manager, Blake and his crew including Dani, Trish and Yota have been working hard tending our scallops and this morning they harvested these fresh beauties.

We’re all so glad to be back!



Coastal Shellfish


Hello Friends,

We’re reaching out to reconnect and share an update from our farm. We’ve certainly been hit hard by these extraordinary times and we too have been adjusting to best adapt to our unpredictable, new world.

We recently made the very difficult decision to suspend harvesting our Great Bear Scallops. We however never wavered on our commitment to providing a source of food for the people of BC and income for our community.

We have therefore continued to maintain the operations on our farm and hope to resume harvesting again as soon as possible. The safety of all our employees is of the utmost importance to us, so we have implemented tight procedures to ensure we all remain protected and healthy while working on the farm.

We thank you for your support for Great Bear Scallops and our Coastal Shellfish community, and we look forward to resuming our full operations to provide Great Bear Scallops again soon.

In the meantime, we wish you all continued health, safety and resilience to manage through these trying times. And we sincerely thank everyone who continues to work hard to keep us all safe and healthy.

We’re in this together!

Michael Uehara

CEO, Coastal Shellfish




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